What is an AC/DC adapter used for

What is an AC/DC adapter used for?

AC/DC adapters can act as an auxiliary power supply unit in cases where electrical equipment
fails to draw power straight from the main supply network. This happens when electrical devices
lack built-in adapters, probably due to their compactness. An AC/DC adapter can help make the
power supply more flexible.

The working of an AC/DC adapter

AC/DC adapters convert AC to DC. Rechargeable devices mostly cannot use alternating current
(AC). They require direct current (DC) to operate. But what exactly do AC and DC mean?

Difference between AC and DC power

AC and DC are two formats of electric current. AC or alternating current continuously changes
direction, from positive to negative and then back to positive in a circuit. This format is used in
the main supply. 
But DC doesn’t change direction. This kind of current is used in automobile batteries and devices
with rechargeable batteries like laptops and phones. These devices come with a built-in adapter
that draws alternating current from the mains supply and converts it into DC format, which the
device can draw for charging.

Uses of ac/dc adapter

 This helps to control the power that supplies from the power box.
 The adaptor stabilizes the current supply, which helps safeguard the main board and other
 This adaptor helps in converting the alternative power into the direct power. You can use
this alternate power to run the machine whenever the power goes off.
 You will not face any overflow power supply problems when using it. If it happens, the
adapted will secure your device. 
 It helps to change the power supply automatically, so there is no need for manual
operation to change the current supply to your device. 
 Using this adaptor, you can use multiple ports for output. But the runtime will reduce
depending on the device used by them at the same time. 
 This helps in some devices that cannot be used in direct power connection. It means the
device needs low voltage to get turned on and for processing.

Types of adapter plugs

All adapters have the basic function of current format conversion, but not all have the same plug
types. That’s because different countries have different standard plug types. Here’s a list of them:

  1. Two-pronged plug: This is the most common plug type. It has two outlets for its two
    prongs. One prong is always slightly bigger than the other. 
  2. Three-pronged plug: This plug type has a triangular structure with three prongs. It’s
    mostly used on larger electronic devices. There are three outlets for the three prongs. 
    The variation in plug types is the different socket designs across countries. For example, flat pin
    arrangements are more popular in the US, while British plugs are three-pinned. Japanese-
    manufactured plugs have a cylindrical structure with circular indents.


AC/DC adapters are simply conversion tools that help you charge electrical devices. Different
manufacturing processes make AC/DC adapters look different around the globe. There are also
universal adapters that can accommodate multiple plug types. These have a voltage range of 100-
240 V for universal connective compatibility. You can choose your adapter as per your device’s

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