Uninterrupted power supply: how it works and how is it helpful in day-to-day life

In workplaces and houses when there is a power cut it arises a situation like a delay in work or interruption in day-to-day life. To escape this kind of situation it is essential to use UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) in offices and houses. This device helps in keeping the system active for at least a limited period while electricity flow is disrupted. In simple words, it provides a battery backup whenever there is a power outage. When utility power is available, it refills and maintains the energy stock. The amount of time the power flow will be intact during a power cut depends on energy storage and maintenance. There are various means of

storing energy. It can be stored as kinetic energy or as fuel. 

Types of UPS

Types of UPS can be of two types one is in terms of the current supply and one in terms of its working.

Types In terms of the current supply

Whenever there is a discussion regarding electricity there are always two types to account for. A.C.(alternating current) and D.C(Direct current). 

The most effective or full-time Uninterrupted power supply function using AC currents which are required by Information technology requirements. On the other hand, batteries function with D.C currents. To charge the batteries incoming A.C. currents are transfigured into D.C. In such devices, it is necessary to provide the AC to ITE so that DC can revert to AC and work as an Inverter. In some work sectors, a power outage can cause many issues like data loss, injuries, health hazards in hospitals etc. Other than this, when there are problems like voltage fluctuation, voltage drops and harmonic distortion use of UPS helps in dealing with the situation.

Types in terms of working

In the aspect of the categorization of Uninterrupted power supply, it’s categorization can be done as online, line-interactive and standby. 

1.     Online UPS

In online UPS, with the use of double delta conversion, the network system fails to adopt electricity from the AC supply. Instead of that, it moves through a rectifier and converts to DC. When there is a voltage drop or voltage fluctuation it is risky to use devices. The online UPS helps in that type of situation. If you are looking for an efficient online UPS, kahcharger is the destination of your research.

2.     Line-interactive UPS

In the case of line-interactive topology, it helps with voltage fluctuation with a low degree of risk. To land at a place to find the best line-interactive UPS opt for kahcharger which provides best up to the mark quality

3.     Standby UPS

It is an automated battery-supported UPS which goes to the battery mode when there is a power outrage.

Features of UPS

UPS caters for a lot of features that help in various ways.

4.     Portability

Nowadays it is required to use portable devices as people stay outdoors many times and go on long trips. Due to the compactness and portable feature of UPS, it is very convenient to use. When in search of portable devices kahcharger is your one-stop solution.

5.     Durability

Mostly Uninterrupted power supply’s durability is defined in terms of cycles. It can vary from 500 cycles to 1000 cycles. One cycle means charging the battery to 100 per cent until it drains out.

6.     Design

In terms of the design of an Uninterrupted power supply, it is important to check the material it is made up of.  It is always preferable to use a metal body for UPS. All these types of design requisites are fulfilled by kahcharger to make your experience better.

7.     Safety

It is crucial to pick a UPS which is safe in terms of use. Any information about the possibility of exploding is havoc for any user and their surroundings.


As the world requires everything to be portable, durable and compact devices for their regular life using UPS(Uninterrupted power supply ) is a great option.

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