Solar energy: A natural resource to leverage

In this sophisticated and progression-oriented world, the term Solar power is very well-known. Solar power means generating electricity from sun rays as it is a natural resource and not susceptible to vanish. The process is to collect sunlight and transfigure it into electricity. The usage of photovoltaics or thermal energy (concentrated solar power) put solar power into action. In a solar power station, concentrated power systems with the aid of lenses and solar trackers aim to target a huge amount of sunlight to a kernel to bring any kind of turbine to initiate running.

What is solar energy?

In the early times, photovoltaics was predominantly used for small-scale applications, for example, unicelled calculators, and domestic usage. The usage of solar power generator started after the inauguration of commercial solar power plants. After this commercialization, the reduced expenditure on solar electricity paved the way for solar photovoltaic systems and enhanced their cost exponentially. According to recent statistical graphs, the adoption of Photovoltaic systems has grown to lakhs, with half of them using solar power.

An extensive cognizance of solar energy, concentrated thermal energy, photovoltaics and electric grid system and their generation in solar power station will provide help to know it better.

Source of solar powers

While generating electricity with the help of solar power it is necessary to learn about the sources that aid with solar power.

1.     Solar energy

As the name suggests the source of solar energy is the sun and its radiation. Sunray is basically light that penetrates the earth’s crust every day, but the sun rays touch the earth’s surface with a different mathematical unit on varying locations. The area appropriate for collecting solar rays is used to produce solar power.

2.     Photovoltaics

This kind of solar power generator uses an electromagnetic field and a solar panel to generate electricity. A solar panel produces energy in a geographical location rich in solar radiation. When sunlight falls on the solar panel it is absorbed by the PV cells and in response to the electromagnetic fields electric charges start generating and the flow of electricity commences.  If you are looking to invest in some good quality solar panels in a budget-friendly manner then go for kahcharger.

3.     Concentrating thermal powers

These thermal powers require lenses or mirrors along with a receiver to produce electricity. Starting with the same process, a geographical location high in solar radiation is selected and fresnel lenses or mirrors are used to collect the sun rays, and due to the lenses’ nature, it reflects the rays which are absorbed by the receiver. These rays can be used immediately to produce electricity or can be stored for later use.

Uses of solar energy

Till now as far as the specifications are made has thrown light on the fact that solar energy is primarily used to generate electricity even for small-scale and large-scale applications. Other than this, it has many other uses that cannot be ignored.   If you need a solar power generator for your home or industry, kahcharger produces solar power for every kind of requirement.

Solar power generators for camping are now in extreme demand as camping has become some people’s favourite fun time. During camping people used to carry many electronic gadgets and spent days in nature without electricity. Specially manufactured solar power generators help in keeping the gadgets charged which might be helpful in emergency situations. If you are searching for some good solar power generators for camping then kahcharger is the answer to all your questions. We manufacture portable solar power generator that will solve all your issues.


In this era, where it is predicted that the resources used are going to be extinct for future generations it is very paramount to substitute all artificial resources with natural ones. Solar radiation is one of those resources. Solar energy can contribute to reducing the cost of electricity, the production of flexible electric grids, and paired with storage help to generate backup power on small and large scales. Many innovations with cost-efficiency make this purpose successful.

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