500W portable solar generator UPS power station for home, outdoor emergency

Rated power: 500W
Ports : 1 x AC outlet, 3 x USB, 1 x Car Charger
1 x Type-C PD 60W, 2 x DC outlet
Net weight: 8 KG
Dimensions: 270*230*160 mm
Lifecycles: ≧2000 cycles to 80%
Operating Temperature: while charging 0℃~45℃, while discharging -20℃~50℃, while in storage: -20℃~50℃

Customer Review


“I have Kahcharger portable power station for my remote work – I spent several days at outside working (I have an office job that permits remote work) and it powers my laptop, my cell phone (which is tethered to my laptop for high speed internet access) and can also charge my smart watch and other devices. I’ve powered all those for 5 full days without having to recharge.”


“I recently purchased this portable Powerhouse II 500 watt power backup. I researched many but the combination of power backup and the look is what sold me. For my current needs a nearly 500 watt hour battery seemed just right. The user interface of this solar power generator is unusually good.”

Question & Answer


As Our portable power station has 500 watt-hours, it should be able to power a device with a 1-watt output for about 500 hours.

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